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"It's All Good" - Peter Loeb
" And so the trip will go down as one of my best and favorite Duncan-led adventures."

"It was the best fishing trip of my life" - Jon Jeffries and my dad Rev. A. J. Jeffrie
"After a few days we were into the silvers and the grin turned to an audible laugh followed by "holy cow!"

Experiments Sometimes Work: Just Combine the Kanektok and a Great Guide - Peter Loeb
"My hookups were usually powerful, occasionally violent. I loved it all: a few fish taped in around 35 pounds. Many were in the 18-25 pound range."

A Day on The River - Doug McGhee
"During the winter I tie my flesh flies. I like to experiment with color and size. Last year I had some leftover egg yarn and used a 2" piece for a tail on flesh flies. We caught twice the number of trout with it."

"Hey Bear!" - Brad Taylor
"Only years of experience, and cat-like reflexes, allowed me to snatch the fly to safety before the Rainbow could close his jaws on it. "

Kanektok Memories - Bob La Du
"The following days provided plenty of fish, not only Kings but bright chums and sockeyes along with the occasional humpie or large rainbow. On another day I caught and released more than the dozen Kings that the fisherman at Quinhagak had predicted."

Kevin and John's Adventure on the Kanektok - Kevin Stewart
"Since we had told Brad the night before we wanted to go “Bow Hunting”, we began drifting down river with the current. We were the last boat to leave camp as the other guides and fishermen were headed down river to fish for salmon."

Mousing for Leopard Rainbows - Jim Spence
"In my mind there is nothing better than wading down a small side channel of the Chosen River hunting for 'Leopard Bows.' Spotting these unique trout laying in front of a root-wad, a snag, or laying under a cut bank is half of the challenge and excitement."

Fishing the "Chosen River" AKA The Kanektok - Dick Mitchell, Salmon, Trout and Steelheader Magazine
"Then a short walk brought us to a well-hidden piece of gin-clear backwater that held about a hundred or so silvers. Kneeling on the ground, you could cast a fly right over the school, and by using a fast sink tip the fly would sink right in the middle of them. After a short strip you could actually watch a couple of fish pull away from the school. They looked like torpedoes. You could see their big mouths open and inhale the fly before you ever felt the strike."

Dreams - Gerald Aimg - writer for Sports Afield Magazine
"Our fourth day of floating on the Kanektok River saw some of the most exciting fishing of the trip. I cast big deer-hair flies imitating voles towards sweepers and snags near shore, where the'bows like to hang out. Slapping the big 'mice' flies down with a splat, we would pull them back slowly, so they created a v-wake on the surface and rainbows up to five pounds suddenly materialized and sucked down the bulky offerings. When we pulled in to set up camp, 37 rainbows had struck our mice flies, many more had looked them over and refused at the last minute."


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