"It was the best fishing trip of my life"


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The weather delay was tormenting us. My Dad, from Illinois, was making his first trip to Alaska and had joined me in Seattle for the trip north. There was a low ceiling in Dillingham and we needed a little weather improvement to make the flight into the headwaters lake and begin our float trip.

We spent the time getting to know our fishing partners and were immediately at ease having met "birds of a feather'. With the help of our new friends we made use of our time by tying up some extra fly patterns and generally adjusting to the Alaska scene.

Finally, the weather cleared and we were on our way. We all wondered what effect our delay would have on our river schedule----surely we will have to make some adjustments. Nope, when the float plane landed and pulled as close as possible to shore Dave waded out to the plane and put my 80 year old Dad on his shoulders for a dry trip to camp and announced that the roast beef dinner was ready!


On that trip to shore some sort of bond or understanding must have been reached because Dave took mighty good care of Dad for the rest of that trip. As it turned out our fishing partners were superb fisherman and made every cast count and read the water well. Dad was an experienced western waters fisherman but the size and attitude of the Chosen River rainbows put an ear-to-ear grin on his face that surely is one of my most memorable moments.


After a few days we were into the silvers and the grin turned to an audible laugh followed by "holy cow!". Years later as I read Dad's fishing journal he ends his description of our trip with "it was the best fishing trip of my life". You can't beat that.

(Jon Jeffries and my dad Rev. A. J. Jeffries----1986)

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